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We welcome feedback and comments on your stay at Riverside. If you’ve found a great pub or can recommend a fun day out, please add that too!

Devon friends



  1. A welcome, quiet retreat – something that was much needed and appreciated. Despite being late in the year, was able to have some lovely walks…… John and Debbie have done everything they could to make my stay as comfortable as possible: to them many thanks.

  2. Cosy little place in a lovely location – ideal for Dartington Summer School. Plenty of room for all our musical instruments. Accommodation worked well, and the bed was particularly comfortable, which meant we were able to rest well between the busy days on the course. We were too busy to really enjoy the location, but this was just as well, given the mostly dreadful weather conditions! Worth a return visit…

  3. A perfect mini break. Lovely accomodation in a beautiful setting. We’ll be back for a third time!

  4. Here is a poem as requested somewhat influenced by Matt Harvey (appropriately enough)

    Totnes is no less
    Proud than Stroud
    To be a place of national renown
    To be a green transition town

    Lovely place – we will be recommending it to our friends

  5. I have been looking for somewhere to escape to to get some writing done when I came across Little Riverside. It has been the most perfect writers retreat. With a beautiful view outside the window and garden to sit in I got more writing done than I would ever have imagined. Although I didnt explore the area as much as I would have liked I did visit Totnes on a daily basis. The coffee shops are just the perfect distance away – too far to go too frequently but close enough to have a lovely walk there in the breaks from writing.
    A big thank you to John and Debbie for creating the perfect environment to let creativity flow.

  6. Ah, what a delight. Everyone should stay at Little Riverside at least once in a lifetime. We shall very probably be back for the view, the cosiness and the great setting by the River Dart in the grand town of Totnes.

    Thanks for having us, Debbie. The cream tea and wine were especially welcome after our train ride.

    Recommended within easy walking distance:

    Cranks at Shinner’s Bridge
    Dartington Hall Gardens
    Totnes town
    Willow restaurant/cafe
    Vire Island in the sunshine

  7. And I forgot to mention the steam train to Buckfastleigh and the otter sanctuary.

  8. A sunny afternoon spent paddling a canoe along the river woth a picnic was one of the highlights of a lovely week at Little Riverside. The location is fantastic for a carless couple who want to soak up the countryside.

  9. A lovely base to visit Totnes and surrounding areas especially if you like travelling by train. Buy a Rail Rover ticket at the mainline station for all of Devon and Cornwall. It can be used for 3 days in any seven for ¬£40 or less if you have a railcard…..
    (extract from visitors book)

  10. Thank you so much Debbie and John. We have had a wonderful week and couldnt have asked for a more perfect spot. This was a great time of year to come (11-18 June) with all the young chicks – we saw seven newly hatched moorhen chicks all clinging to a branch yesterday. Also spotted a seal by the railway bridge – after the salmon I expect….
    (extract from the visitors book)

  11. We’ve had a lovely break from the city life in particular the trip to Paignton Pier for some good tacky fun fair British seaside fun, taking a picnic in the canoe up the river, waving at the steam train, a freezing wild dip, making scones when it was too late to find a cream tea and driving through the beautiful rolling hills.
    The perfect getaway!

  12. A great place whatever the weather. A lovely ground floor apartment in a gorgeous spot by the river and a warm welcome from John, Debbie & Rosa.

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