About us

Little Riverside is run by the two of us – Debbie Carnegie and John Hagger. We’ve lived in Totnes for twenty seven years, and finally have settled in the best location!

We share a passion for where we live and what it offers. We have worked  hard converting our timber framed house to make it possible for more people to come and enjoy this unique location with us.

From early June until the middle of October – if you get up early enough – you may spot John and Debbie swimming in the river…

In the late summer evenings we like to quietly escape in our canoe, go up stream, and gaze at the stars, listen to the owls and watch the bats. Paddling home in the dark or the light of the full moon is one of the most romantic aspects of the river at night.

Family, friends and food play a large part of our lives. So we feel very fortunate to be able to walk out of our gate into a natural playground. With the steam railway within a ten minute walking distance and the rare breeds farm our family are spoilt for choice!

John  is a man of many talents, as you’ll find out when you talk to him! Have a look at his hand crafted leather work on www.tannerbates.co.uk

Debbie loves her garden of roses, swimming in the river and in the sea,taking care of her bees and walking Rosa the dog. More recently she has started weaving and when not to be found anywhere she is hiding in her weaving room.  Being a Grandmother gives Debbie a lot of joy.

We are both passionate about the care of the earth. Therefore, in creating Little Riverside we have used non-toxic paints and woods stains. And because we are within easy walking distance of the train station, we welcome visitors who come by train and bike, leaving the car behind.

We look forward to welcoming you to Little Riverside.

Debbie and John

Debbie and John

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